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December 18, 2012
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My Marcy by TheAlternetive My Marcy by TheAlternetive
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I changed my mind I guess. :I I never went to bed...

SO me and a friend of mine were having story time. About halfway through we brought up the subject that Ice King is potentially the most powerful mortal being in the AT universe. We started talking about how it's a good thing he's more incompetent than evil... and then, what if something tragic happened that DID cause his sanity to tip in the crown's favor? Eventually this story/scenario was made.

STORY TIME (I feel so bad for you if you're curious enough to read this. It was never intended to leave that chat so it's absolutely terrible and the format just just horrendous. It is laughable, with how utterly aweful this is. Good luck. :'D)


We open up with a nice battle right? (Not sure of the details, we'll work on that soon enough. XD) Everyone is in the battle. It's a hard one. Even the Ice King is there. Being his usual kooky self, but surprisingly helpful. (maybe fire based attack?)

THEN something goes wrong.


The hit was bad. She doesn't make it.

Ice King: M- Marcy?

Everyone looks up surprised. Ice King seems more devastated then all of them combined.

He gives a nervous laugh.

IK: "D- don't worry I can fix it! Here, I'll cool it off with ice!"

He reaches out to try and cool the burns. Finn stops him. His voice his strained and he looks Ice King in the eyes. There's a surprising innocence there. Like a little kid who doesn't understand why his sister isn't coming back.

Finn: You can't. Sh- she's already gone.

IK: But...

He starts to hyperventilate and looks around frantically.

IK: But- but we can- it's- it's MARCY she can't!

They rest of them are surprised at how attached the Ice King appeared to be to her.

Ice King starts to shake her arm.

IK: M-Marcy come on...

His eyes are staring into space, it appears he's no longer even with them.

IK: I'm I'm sorry! I'll get rid of it, I'll get rid of the crown just please come back...

Tears fall and they freeze instantly as they hit Marceline.

They hear twisted laughter from their attackers as they assume they have taken out, emotionally, the only one who was able to stop them. They jump up, ready to attack, but they're all stopped by a cracking sound.

Ice King's limp hands had turned into angry fists. The other stare shocked, and frankly scared, as he stands up and his hair stands on end, eyes glowing icy blue.

IK: YOU...

*Kill them all. Look what they've done. They deserve it*


Everyone stumbles back as Ice King's gnarled hands begin to glow. His breathing is heavy. They've never seen him so angry and frankly it terrifies them. A glance outside showed black storm clouds rolling in and the air begins to whistle as it blows through the one entrance to the Ice King's castle. He makes quick work of their adversaries. freezing them fire and all and shattering them. The others come up to him to calm him down. They're gone now. But it doesn't matter. He's listening to the crown now.

And the crown says why stop there?

The living are nothing but hateful creatures. Most of them anyhow, and those that aren't, will only hurt him by leaving him. He won't kill his friends. At least not yet. He hasn't decided. He turns to them. His voice isn't anything like they've ever heard. It's as though two people are talking at once. It sends chills down their spine.

IK: The living are nothing but hateful creatures.

Even through their horror, and his anger, they could still see tears in his eyes.

IK: It's always been that way. They are destructive creatures of habit, and they've almost killed themselves and everyone I loved once.

His eyes narrowed.

IK: I'm not going to let it happen again.

He then proceeds to go on a rampage. They all run after him, trying to stop him. To no avail.

(sappy cliche time)
Something happens.

Back in the ice king's castle, those icy little tear drops start to glow.

And somewhere out there, a horse skulled man takes pity on his best friend's daughter.
Ice King has reached the Candy Kingdom, the nearest place to his domain. Behind him, an exhausted group and a path of wreckage. He raises his hands, power blazing at his fingertips. To him they are all evil, and no mercy will be shown.

Finn: Ice King, STOP, this isn't how you deal with things man!

PB: Please! Those are my people!

They're panicking now, and he shows no sign of hesitation. He prepares to throw all his power at the kingdom.


Everyone gasps, and Ice King freezes. They all, Ice King included, spin around.

Marceline is floating, level with the Ice King. She's scared. She's never seen him like this. But she holds her ground.

It's quiet. Ice King's magic dies down. The crown yells at him. Forget her, she will only leave you again. But he doesn't listen. He looks at her a hundreds of memories flash through his mind at once. She practically grows up before his eyes.

He starts to float forward. The crown yells at him, she'll only hurt him again, but he ignores it. He's done listening to that wretched thing. No more will it tell him what to do.
They're inches from each other now.
Simon's jaw starts to tremble.

"What I had almost done."
"What I HAD done."
Marceline shook her head.
"It doesn't matter anymore.”

She quickly embraced him, her hug tight as was his in return.

"I'm so sorry Marcy. The crown can't control me anymore. I know that doesn't make up for what I've done, but know I can try to make it up to everyone. Make it up to you."
He felt Marceline bury her head in his shoulder, and her voice came out cracking and high. She cried.

"I don't care.
Simon, you came back to me."
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I can't give you the link but go on YouTube and type Marceline and Ice King.
When the results come up click on the one titled "Ice King & Marceline" with a pic. of Simon holding Marcy.
Hope it tears you up like you teared me!!! :crying:
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